Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dress Up

Today I pretty much worked all day so after work I came home and played dress up. Im going to a wedding in a week so I was playing with the lip liner I bought yesterday, if you are wondering its Cherry by M.A.C. Cosmetics.  I decided to take some pictures and do a little post, I'm trying to post regularly so even if its small its still a post! Also I would love any ladies opinions on wearing bright red lipstick, with a brown dress with white polka dots, and mustard tights. Are mustard tights and red lips a weird combo??


  1. i think red & mustard are all part of the same warm colour family, so compliment each other very well :-)

  2. you are the loveliest
    i adore your blog

  3. great lip color! have fun at the wedding :-)