Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Going Away

Well I'm off to upstate New York tomorrow for a family wedding, so I thought I'd do a mini post on my packing and what not. When I was younger I would pack weeks in advance for trips planing out every single outfit I was gonna wear. Now I'm not as crazy but I did plan my outfits a little bit just so I didn't over pack, and isn't dressing so much more fun while your on vacation? I think so. Heres a little picture of an outfit I came up with while packing, I'm hoping to take lots of outfit pictures while I am there so expect some soon! 

Im sure I will end wearing this while I'm there, I really love the color combination!

My neatly packed suitcase!


  1. Your suitcase is so picturesque! Mine is always a rolled-up mess with all the little bits I think I might need stuffed in!

    Tomorrow I'm heading downstate, so we can wave to each other in passing!

  2. Have fun! Wow. Your suitcase is FAR better packed than mine ever is. ;]
    -Andi x

  3. Cute outfit! I love the pockets on that skirt.
    Wow, your suitcase is so pretty and neat; what a lovely mix of colors and detailing inside. My bags are always a jumbled mix and very unphotogenic, haha.

  4. oh my, that bow print is too much!