Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Repost: August 25th

This post is kinda late but I couldn't find my camera cord until today so better late than never! My twentieth birthday was over the weekend so on saturday my boyfriend and I headed to Richmond, Virginia, somewhere I had never been before, I only live two hours away but I just never got around to going there until now and I must say I love it! Its the best place to go if you live vegan food and vintage clothing and of course anything historic. The city had a really beautiful cemetery that I didn't even get to see a forth of (its huggggeee) You need to drive through it because it would take hours to walk around. I went to the most beautiful vintage stores I have ever seen (seriously) its called Bygones, if you are even in the area go there! It was so well decorated and organized and had the most amazing collection of clothing all in perfect condition! I ended up getting a 1930s black rayon dress that fit me perfectly and I cant wait to wear it in winter time.

Hollywood Cemetery
Hollywood CemeteryHollywood Cemetery
Dress: Pollysue's
Belt: Thrift
Shoes: Ebay

Sunday was my actual birthday which was spent hanging out with family and eating! Heres a pic of me in my birthday dress! I wasn't sure about it when I got it but when I put it on sunday I knew it was the perfect birthday dress!

Birthday DressBirthday Dress
Dress: Ebay
Belt and shoes: Thrift
Bag: Estate sale 

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